Ceptics – UK Type G Plug Adapter, 2 in 1 Input US to UK Power Adapter, Ultra-Portable Ceptics Travel Adapter, UK Power Adapter for Dual Voltage, Universal Travel Plug, Pack of 3

Price: $12.99
(as of Mar 12,2023 19:19:59 UTC – Details)

Say goodbye to clunky adapters that get in the way of your travel! Ceptics offers you lightweight, compact UK outlet adapters, so you can stay charged anywhere without a hitch.  
Charges Up to 6 Devices
Each UK plug adapter to USA can charge 2 electronics at the same time. That means you can power up 6 devices when you get our 3-pack variant.
Compatible with Outlets in Various Countries
Use our Type G UK power adapters in several countries, including:
The United Kingdom
United Arab Emirates
Hong Kong
Ideal for Most Modern Electronic Tools
Compatible with all types of phones, tablets, cameras, or just about anything you can charge, our travel plug adapter for UK lets you endlessly capture great moments on your vacation.
Solid Structure for a Solid Plugging
Our UK adapters for travel are built with solid and even surfaces for hassle-free plugging. They’re designed with a flat base for a steady, stable connection to a socket. 
Handy and Lightweight
Packing light for your next trip? Ceptics travel adapter plugs weigh no more than 4.8 oz. That’s less than a deck of paper playing cards! They’re absolutely portable, so you won’t have any trouble bringing them with you on your trips.
Keep your electronics powered up wherever you are with Ceptics’s 3-Pack Type G Travel Adapter Plug. Grab yours today! 
Charges More Devices at Once – Conveniently plug your gadgets with Ceptics Type G adapters. Our 3-pack Type G plug adapter supports standard 2 and/or 3-pronged flat pin plugs, so you can charge 2 devices simultaneously or 6 devices for all 3 adapters.
Designed for Travelers – Take your UK travel adapter with you wherever you go! Lightweight and compact, Ceptics UK plug adapters perfectly fit inside your handbag or luggage.
Internationally Compatible – Our plug adapters are compatible with outlets in several countries, such as the UK, Hong Kong, Bahrain, Belize, Botswana, Brunei, Cyprus, Dominica, England, Ghana, Gibraltar, Grenada, and Iraq.
This UK adapter is made of quality materials that were assembled with care. Small yet powerful, our UK adapter plug has a max load rating of 10-15A/ 250V.
For Dual Voltage Products & Electronics – Our US to UK adapter only works with dual voltage devices. It can’t convert voltage from 220V to 110V or vice versa.

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